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Obecný úrad Chmeľová 145
086 35 Becherov

Tel.: 054/ 479 82 26
Fax: 054/ 479 82 26
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Bardejov

Microregion: Makovica so sídlom v Zborove

First written mention: 1414

Height above sea level: 363 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 400

Sufrace of cadaster: 1234 ha


The first written mention dates back to 1414. The name of the village is derived from in this place grown hop-plant. More than 400 inhabitants live here. Present Greco-catholic temple, which is dominant of Chmelova, was starting to build during the years of 1796 to 1823. It was built up in 1827. New altar was made in 1927 for money collected and sent by native living in America. It has proceeded by several reconstruction, last one has only passed yesteryear. Local mill belongs to the temporal technical sights. In spite of the fact, that Chmelova belongs to the smaller villages, it does not behind in development at all. With realization of home sewage tank it has started between the first ones. The village managed Primary school, kindergartenschool and it participates in spreading of internet. There are possibilities of accommodation and restaurants. Enterprise subjects, mainly that craft ones, are going well. There flourishes production of the pottery, carpets and wood.


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